Are Moms Allowed to Dream?

Last week 82 deliberate Mothers met in downtown Salt Lake City to talk about their dreams. The gathering was the “dream child” of multi-talented Whitney Johnson who runs a huge blog, writes for the Harvard Business Review, is a gifted pianist and who also just released a new book called  Dare, Dream, Do. The meeting was fascililitated by the creators of, Saren Loosli (who just happens to be our … Continue reading»

Brilliant New Book about Bullying and Kindness

In October we were asked to speak in Cartagena, Columbia at a Regional Conference for an Association for American and International Schoolls. There we spent a lovely afternoon on a tour of the city with  Pam Allyn, an international advocate of children’s rights and literacy who was one of the keynote speakers at the conference. She started an organization called LitLIfe which champions literacy throughout the world  It’s hard to … Continue reading»

Miracle Breech Birth

We were lucky enough to get several of our children and grandchildren home for Christmas this year. This was largely because last summer at our family reunion our youngest daughter, Charity who is single and living in Palo Alto lobbied for as many of her siblings as possible to come home for Christmas. Even though we ended up with a nice little crowd one couple who didn’t plan to show up … Continue reading»

Unexpected New Moose Friends

The Christmas season is always full of suprises but this is one that we couldn’t have expected!  Every morning and sometimes late at night two moose come for a visit to our house.  We ran into two of them about ten yards away while delivering Christmas gifts to our neighbors one night a couple of weeks ago. Technically I should say we didn’t actually run into them. In fact we … Continue reading»

Self-Sufficient Farmers Living on a Dime in Maui

One of married sons, along with his equally creative wife, live a uniquely creative life style. In an earlier blog post over a year ago, we explained how our son Jonah, who is a contractor had built eight luxury homes in St. George just before the recession. After the bottom fell out of the building market, he and his wife Aja, who also happened to have been a … Continue reading»

From Pakistan to Costco

As reported in our last post, we just returned from being immersed in the Arab world.  Although we also visited the wonderland of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, my favorite part of our entire trip was our stunning ride through the city center of Lahore, Pakistan.  Even though we shouldn’t have, we felt relatively safe, even though Pakistan, at this point in history has been called by some, “the … Continue reading»

An arranged marriage, anyone?

Richard and I have just returned from a wild and wonderful trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Pakistan where we met parents from Jordan, Lebanon, India and Pakistan.  We always relearn two things when we visit the exotic Arab world or the Indian/Pakistani world.  First, that no matter where good parents live on the face of the earth, they all want the same things for kids. Their greatest desire … Continue reading»

Are we raising divas?

I had fun this week participating on a show on Studio 5 at KSLTV that was the brain child of darling Brooke Walker who co-anchors the show. An audience of bright young mothers raising daughters was there to be part of the conversation about raising daughters in a world that is encouraging girls from a very young age to become divas (prima donas) who think they are entitled to what they … Continue reading»

The Family Glue called Traditions

We have always said that traditions are the glue that hold a family together, but we have to admit that it has taken years for that to really sink in! Many years ago we decided to have a special family tradition for each member of our family on his or her biirthday. They range from building a snowman for a winter birthday to floating the birthday cake in whatever water … Continue reading»

Last year about this time we posted about our remarkable semi-adopted daughter Eva Kioleva Timothy. Born and raised in Bulgaria by extraordinary parents, she blessed our lives when she came to live with us during her college years. She served a mission for the LDS church and then married the wonderful Adam Timothy. For more info about Eva’s amazing life click here. Her sunny disposition and irrepressible optimism has led her to … Continue reading»