As Memorial Day comes and goes this year, I (Linda) am celebrating those heroines who came before me: my Grandmothers!  Most of them I never knew but their stories find me and bind me to their heroic lives!  In addition I’m thinking of the lives of the Mothers who came after these great women who are also influenced by their sacrifices. This article appeared in the Deseret News … Continue reading»

Choosing Motherhood

Even though Mother’s Day has come and gone, the omniscient power of Mothers hasn’t. Yet, sadly the choice to become a Mother is plummeting all over the world! In London’s Daily Telegraph we found this: “An ONS study in 2010 found that just one in nine women born in 1938 remained childless, rising to one in five women born in 1965. It is projected that a quarter of 45-year-olds … Continue reading»

Changing the Trajectory of a Family

Last weekend we had the privilege of hosting an annual Power of Moms retreat at our home. Eighty women had the opportunity to have what almost all important careers have: job training! We spent a regular work day…from 9-5, delving into methods, not  only to survive but thrive in life’s most important career: Motherhood.  Over 300 children represented by the Mothers who were there were left in someone … Continue reading»

Feeding a Family of Six on $200 a Month in Maui

For most people, Maui is not a cheap place to live. For our son Jonah and his wife Aja and their four creative children, it’s a different story. In December we visited them and their new life style after they bought and were in process of remodeling a dilapidated old historic home in Makawao, an up-country town in Maui. Their commitment to living green is nothing less than inspiring!  Since … Continue reading»

We have become recent fans of Bruce Feiler who posted an article in the New York Times on March 17th about his long search to find how to create resilience and self-confidence in children. He found the answers somewhere you might not expect. He says, “The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: develop a strong family narrative.” This … Continue reading»

A Magnificent Cathedral in a Cave

This should qualify as the eighth wonder of the world! Last week when we were in Columbia we were treated to a tour of one of the most amazing things we have seen. It was a Cathedral carved in an enormous Salt Mine in the Zipaquirá Mountain near Bogota.  When the mining was finished, the government assigned 100 architects and sculptors to create a truly incredible structure to commemorate the last … Continue reading»

What’s Happening to Dinnertime…and Respect?

  We are on a Latin American speaking tour and learning so much! Presently we are in Bogota, Colombia with some delightful families! Soon we will be moving on to Monterrey and Guadalajara. Every time we visit Latin America we are incredibly impressed with the quality of the families. The nurturing, love and respect that they give their children is mirrored in the respect that their children show … Continue reading»

Recharging with Daughters and Daughters-in-Law

Every night I find a place to recharge the battery on my computer and my phone. It seems that it’s rarely in the same place as we so often on the road. But plugging in is very important! Those “machines” have become my lifeline to the rest of the world, especially now that our children and their families are flung far across the globe. I need those useful … Continue reading»

Gift from the Sea

Our four daughters and four daughters-in-law are preparing for a happy reunion this weekend in sunny California!  It will be such a welcome relief from the snow and cold of Boston and New York and the non-so toasty Washington D.C. Not to mention two of us who are coming from the depths of winter in Utah. One will be arriving from the sunny Arizona, two from Palo Alto … Continue reading»

Baby Jail!

Our youngest son and his wife Julie just had their first little baby with a spectacular birth December 30th chronicled here. We had to laugh at them because, knowing the total commitment that parenthood is, in the months previous to the birth they kept taking their last trip, going to their last movie and having their last fling before they entered what they lovingly called “Baby Jail”. They … Continue reading»