Lagoon with 12-year-olds?

It was the end of a horrifically hot day with a gaggle of grumpy, hungry, bedraggled, fighting, nasty little kids about thirty years ago when Richard and I promised each other that we would never set foot in Lagoon again!  Since then we have to admit that we have dropped off teenagers there for their school outings and have wondered about the new rides that pop up every year, but we have pretty much kept our promise. Until this year.

Because we have so many grandchildren (24) we divide them up into groups when we have our reunion just to make things more manageable. They go to Grammie Camp in those groups and we have a raucous time which you can view here and here.

But when the oldest child in each group turns 12, we have promised them an RV trip. This year three of our GRAND children turned twelve within three months and somehow, during  a visit to her home in Arizona this year, Grace talked Grandfather into going to Lagoon!  How she did that I’ll never know. He was the stanchest holder-outer on our pact.  The first group to go on the RV trip three years ago went to Yellowstone….a very reasonable choice I thought, but….to Lagoon we did go…in our RV!

And boy howdy, did we have FUN! Despite the 100 degrees, the kids (two of whom had never been there) were out of their minds with joy!  I must admit that it was about as fun as it gets! We learned so much about those three great kids, had some great talking time in the truck to and from Bear Lake to Lagoon and because one of them had just gotten a cell phone, we could keep track of them when we went “home” for a breather to the very pleasant RV park next door.

We have changed our tune on Lagoon! I must admit that riding on that old roller coaster took me back to my childhood, complete with the clicking chains on the way up the first “mountain” and my hands over my head down that first drop.

I hated riding on the Wild Mouse but Colossus was fabulous!  We highly recommend it!











Luckily we were able to add some “substance” to our trip because Richard’s great great grandfather, Erastus Bingham’s cabin which is part of Utah history, now stands in Pioneer Village (the less exciting but more interesting part of the park).





Thanks to Grace, Isaac and Aniston, we couldn’t have had more fun!  Now we have two more years to recover before the next group goes. We’re already wondering where they will want to go……


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