Ideas for a Fun Family Reunion

Believe it or not, we have spent the past six weeks (which is the same amount of time since we have posted on this blog) almost non-stop preparing for, participating in and cleaning up after our annual family reunion, even though one of our couples did all the hard work of being in charge. Forty seven of us gathered together for a few precious, wild and raucous days at Bear Lake.

The picture below says a lot. When it was “our moment” to take our annual family picture the wind began to blow mightily. It’s amazing that we didn’t all blow away! ¬†Luckily we are so tiny in the picture below because there are so man of us that hopefully all you can see is the overall joy that we felt in all being together and not the angst that some of the moms felt because it was past bedtime for their little ones and the completely disheveled hair from the wind.

Eyre_Reunion (19)ImageWe had a truckload of fun with 24 grandchildren. And we also had some fun new events and activities that our oldest daughter Saren has capsulized and shared beautifully on her post on Power of Moms.

For some details on how we pulled this off and some fun ideas and tips for something that might work for your own family reunion, check it out here. 


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