Recharging with Daughters and Daughters-in-Law

Every night I find a place to recharge the battery on my computer and my phone. It seems that it’s rarely in the same place as we so often on the road. But plugging in is very important! Those “machines” have become my lifeline to the rest of the world, especially now that our children and their families are flung far across the globe. I need those useful little gadgets to navigate my world. After last week I realized that “plugging into the “current” is nice metaphor for the importance of consistently recharging the batteries of relationships and the things in our lives that are really important. In fact, much more important than any electronic device.

Connected! That’s the best word I can use to describe gathering with our four daughters and four daughters-in-law at Laguna Beach for our bi-annual Mothers and Future Mothers of Eyrealm Conference, affectionately known as MFME.  Details of the origin of this idea can be found in this post from our meeting two years ago here: Although we started with only one daughter married we now have only one daughter who is not married. At this point she has learned probably more than she wants to know about Motherhood. Since the beginning four of our sons have married remarkable women who bring so much richness to the mix!

This year in addtion to a fascinating discussion about  Gfit from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, highlighted in last week’s post, each of us had sent the others our favorite article, talk, post or essay from the year. What a festival of conversation we had talking about everything from not only issues that surround motherhood but also about womanhood and gender to a fascinating discussion about a post called “Drops of Awesome” which you can read here.

The funds to accomplish this gargantuous reunion come from my adorable Mom and Dad who left their humble little home and farm to my sister and I for our inheritance. They scrimped as saved their whole lives. My dad was a loving, patient, hard-working farmer born in 1892 and my mom, born in 1905 was an extraordinarily successful child-nurturer as a school teacher and piano teacher for 40 years. Even though she only genetically nurtured two of her own children, her gift for sprouting children’s self esteem is now felt not only through all those students and their far flung families but also through her pasterity. I think they would both be pleased to know the good they have accomplished even after they left for heaven!

We walked (some who were getting ready for demanding races ran) and talked for hours on end. We ate delectable food and laughed until we cried. We listened to each other’s opinions and joys and concerns and even made a funny video or two directed by our techie daughter-in-law Aja. Those mothers were almost delirious about being being away from our 23  grandchildren for four days. so that they could go back as better, more productive mothers and in the case of our youngest daughter who is still single, a better-informed pre-mom.

At these gatherings,there’s always at least one nursing baby in attendance and this year it was  adorable grandchild number 24, two-month-old Zara whom we had to stand in line to hold. Glad to have that little bit of heaven with us, we took our turns in an orderly fashion, even though it could have broken into a fight :).

For more details on how this event  played out in the minds of the “youngsters” you can check out blog posts of Charity (our unmarried daughter) here, Saydi our Bostonian daughter here and Saren our oldest daughter here.

Although we realize that this would not be possible for many families, even a overnight get-away for those who are lucky enough to have daughters and daughters in law liiving close to you would be helpful. A dinner together to talk about “The Best and the Worst” things that had happened during the year is always extremely insightful.

As we parted, we truly felt truly “plugged in” to each other’s lives and thoughts and we were also connected to some great ideas to become better mothers and more productive women. The shared ideas and support felt by each of us, instead of being a connection to the cyberworld has become our lifeline to the real world! The recharging was “electrifying”!

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