Miracle Breech Birth

We were lucky enough to get several of our children and grandchildren home for Christmas this year. This was largely because last summer at our family reunion our youngest daughter, Charity who is single and living in Palo Alto lobbied for as many of her siblings as possible to come home for Christmas. Even though we ended up with a nice little crowd one couple who didn’t plan to show up  was our youngest son and his wife who announced announced shortly after Charity’s plea that they were expecting their first baby….on December 26…in Washington, D.C.  Murphy’s law.

The other complication was that cute little girl was breech and nothing they could do would change her mind about flipping around to a normal position for her birth. They tried acupuncture, frozen peas on the baby’s head, Julie standing on her hands on the bottom of the swimming pool and even two doctors who claimed to be “experts” in turning babies in the womb. Alll to no avail!.

So we were expected a call at any moment during our Christmas festivities in Utah saying the baby was on her way. The other complication was that Julie’s mother and father were on an LDS mission in Brazil so I (Linda) was going to have the privilege of being the chief caregiver and needed to be there ASAP after the birth!  That good little baby waited patiently for all of us to revel in the season together and just as the last event finished on December 29th, her parents called to say that Julie’s water had broken and they were on their way to the hospital.

We’ll spare you the scary details and the intense anxiety surrounding Julie and Eli’s prayerful decision to try a natural breech delivery with a team of experts who had recently been performing successful breech births instead of the usual mandatory C-section (with a team ready to do a C-section if necessary)! As so many factors had to work exactly right including the mother and the baby’s measurements and the trained doctors being available at just the right moment, this is not something they would recommend. The stars just seemed to line up perfectly!

Needless to say we were overjoyed after several hours of fervent prayers from all family members across the globe to get the text that announced: She’s here!  That heroic little mother delivered a 7 lb. 6 oz. angel, feet first, an “ice cream cone” with the ice cream coming last!  Champion Julie (who was a full-time nurse herself) gave birth in about nine hours with absolutely no anesthesia (because she needed to be able to move around and let gravity do its job during the delivery), a great doctor, a skillful midwife, a wonderful doula plus several residents and interns watching in the wings to see how it was done. Incredible! Premier supporter and photographer Eli, was texting us updates as labor progressed and the moment that baby arrived safely we knew that we had experienced our own little miracle!

Wow, did I have fun with that little family for the first week of 2013 in D.C!  There’s nothing like starting a New Year with a sweet new baby. Announcing…. Zara:



  1. Gail Tully, CPM

    Congratulations, Eyre Family! Many of us midwives and doctors gathered together in Washington, DC, during November 2012 for the Heads Up! International Breech Conference sponsored by Robin Guy and The Breech Birth Coalition, a parent group based in Canada. Its wonderful to hear that the joy of that fantastic conference radiated to a midwife-physician collaboration right in Washington, DC!
    I, too, was able to come back to my home and participate in a midwife-physician collaboration to serve a family having their 4th baby, breech, naturally, with no medications or surgery (cesarean or episiotomy), in the hospital. The physician was pleased to see the physiological maternal positioning to protect the breech cardinal movements and spontaneous descent of the breech baby. Apgar score of 9-10 showed how the gentle birth pleased the baby, too!
    International breech experts gathered in November to share the data that exposes the limitations of the year 2000 Term Breech Trial (Hannah) with more precise research showing the relative safety of breech birth compared to cesarean section. Screening for safe breech candidates is an important safety feature and is a skill to be learned from experts in the topic. Hands and knees maternal positioning will further protect the baby when the provider remains hands off until the head is emerging. Of course, its hands on in those rare cases when baby’s arms or head become stuck -rare on hands and knees, but common with mother on her back! The proper knowledge in rotation and flexion save the day. Please look to the reports on the Breech Birth Coalition conferences and their research references for more information. Or visit, http://www.SpinningBabies.com
    And Happy New Year snuggling pretty little Miss Zara Jade!

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