Unexpected New Moose Friends

The Christmas season is always full of suprises but this is one that we couldn’t have expected!  Every morning and sometimes late at night two moose come for a visit to our house.  We ran into two of them about ten yards away while delivering Christmas gifts to our neighbors one night a couple of weeks ago. Technically I should say we didn’t actually run into them. In fact we froze, Richard grabbed my arm and we and backed away slowly when we saw them in the dark of night. Richard was petrified!  I think they are magnificent and even though he thinks they are awesome too, he rightly insists that we need to keep our distance.

Since then they have come back every morning for our viewing enjoyment….from inside our house.  At first we thought they just liked using our new little nursery pine tree for their scratching post. Every morning they have come to rub their enormous necks and noses on the small trunk, breaking off branches as they enjoy themselves.  Even though the little tree is pretty much destroyed , I say it is worth it just to see those big guys perform for us.

After a few days we realized that it wasn’t just the tree they enjoyed. The gate to our barn next door had been left open when we moved our horses to southern Utah for the winter and they had been feasting on the left-over hay inside. Magnificent meals for moose!  I say that was worth it too, even though Richard says that our new friends have very expensive tastes.

It’s hard to get them to hold still for a picture but here are few shots that will give you a glimpse of what we saw every morning during the holidays:

Headed for the barn: 

They are coming a little less often now that we’ve closed the gate to the barn and they have scratched the tree smooth.  What a couple of great guys to watch!  I think we should try a salt lick. Do moose like salt? I’ll look it up on the Internet.


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