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Last year about this time we posted about our remarkable semi-adopted daughter Eva Kioleva Timothy. Born and raised in Bulgaria by extraordinary parents, she blessed our lives when she came to live with us during her college years. She served a mission for the LDS church and then married the wonderful Adam Timothy. For more info about Eva’s amazing life click here.

Her sunny disposition and irrepressible optimism has led her to become an extraordinary home-schooler for her three darling children and a stellar educator as well as an outstanding speaker. After an excellent TED talk last year, she has now done a TED ED presentation which is a three-minute animated lesson on optics which is fascinating for kids and students of all ages. To view the delightful presentation click here.

While in Boston last week our daughter Saydi and her family rendezvoused with Eva and her family at The Crane Estate, an amazing place that deserves an entire post in the future.

How blessed we are to have Eva’s influence in our lives! (center lin black below).

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