No Grandma, Listen….

We know that pictures flying around the Internet can sometimes be tiresome but this one really hit my funny bone when I saw it! I (Linda) couldn’t quit laughing!  It’s because I identify with it so closely!  Ever since I started working on computers which is many years ago, I have been notorious for panicky, whiney calls to one child or another because I can’t figure out where something went on the computer or couldn’t remember the process required to complete a certain task. Our son Josh who always sets up our computers for us regularly uses his magic to get into our machines while we are in Utah and he is in Arizona to fix something or set something up.

Last week I spent at least an hour with a very patient son who lives in DC who taught me…twice….how to insert a video into my blog. It wasn’t easy….for either of us. Lately, I’ve been calling our twelve year old grandson Ashton to help me out of a pickle and last summer our eleven year old granddaughter taught me how to do Instagram for which I am forever grateful. Now I can keep up with what my children and grandchildren are doing and thinking and posting!  My five year old granddaughter even taught me how to download Scoops, Spell Magic, Coloring and Gymtastic which are APPS that she can play on my phone when she visits.

I saw a disgruntled grandma on a boat in London this summer hand a phone to a hysterical 20 month old . He pushed a couple of buttons and calmed himself within seconds. This younger generation came wired to use technology don’t you think?

The Internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy!  And because we’ve all been on one end or the other of the conversation below, we thought you might get a chuckle out of it too!

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