In-Laws-Only Cruise to Alaksa

About once a year we are asked to speak on a cruise to here or there. Instead of being paid for our services we usually ask to bring our kids along, three or four at a time. What fun we’ve had, not only rubbing shoulders with our new friends from the cruise but also being with a group of our stellar sons or a group of our delightful daughters.

Last week it was our turn to take our daughters-in-law.  Three bright and distinctive personalities who take such loving care of our sons. and are spectacular mothers of eight, soon to be nine of our grandchildren accompanied us. What a rare privilege it was to have them all to ourselves, enjoying way too much food together, sharing on-shore adventures and soaking in the extraordinary scenery!  Treasured time!

How we marveled at their creativity and individuality and how we love what they bring to our family!  They served on a panel and added a lot of fun and spark to our lectures. Aja, the first to join our family gave a terrific presentation on In-laws based on a book she is writing. Her insights were sterling and  she gave such splendid information to the ins and outs of joining a new family as well as some great suggestions for the mostly grandparent audience as they embrace their own in-laws.

Kristi left four children ages 7 to 9 months in San Diego with our son Noah with a little help from friends. Aja left her four, ages 11-18 months with our son Jonah with a lot of help from their totally responsible eleven-year-old Ana in Hawaii. And Julie left our son Eli in Washington D.C. working and fulfilling church responsibilities. They are expecting their first child in December.  (For the most fun little video of the sex of a baby you may ever see take a look at Eli’s creative announcement here.)

The scenery was incredible but what we learned about these women, their life with our sons, the antics of our grandkids and their delightful personalities was priceless.



Although we know that all in-law relationships are not so fun (to say the least) we highly recommend the good that comes from spending quality time with your in-laws!

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