Family Reunion: Fear Factor

You might think that we are going to be telling you how fearful it is to get 42 people together in the same spot at a family reunion at Bear Lake, hoping that everyone will be able to squeeze into their allotted space for the several days, praying that everyone will be healthy and  not start a flut epidemic while together and that no one will break a leg while water-skiing or playing tennis. Although that does make us a bit fearful, we are are talking about a new event added to our family reunion this year: The Fear Factor.

Each year, one of our adult children and his or her spouse is in charge of our family reunion at Bear Lake. This year we added an element of excitement and fear. The kids were lined up at a table, given instructions on the rules of the game and then shown the prizes for the winners of each round and the food that they must eat in order to get the prize. For a bunch of picky eaters, this was downright…. fiercely fearful!  They were so excited when the game was announced but here they are feeling the gravity of what they were about to do as they heard the  their instructions.


We have a son who served as a missionary in Japan so he went to the Asian store and got some pretty fearful stuff to eat. The first two rounds seemed pretty easy like eating a lemon slice and drinking vegetable juice (for some reason that was the hardest for several of them). The contest got progressively harder with things like dried anchovies with the head and tail intact, a strip of seaweed and the worst, in my opinion..exceedingly chewy roasted squid with  appendages attached. The worst for one little guy who hates hard boiled eggs was quail eggs. 

They dropped out as it got too hard for them and claimed their prizes for staying in each round. It was positively hilarious. The tears didn’t last long and everyone cheered the winners on. For your entertainment, here are a few photos.





The winner!

Pulling back to the big picture of the fear factors contained in a big family reunion, we have to say that we did have one 9 year-old grandchild who showed up with a huge swollen gland which a Dr. then diagnosed as mumps. Luckily everyone had been immunized (so had she) and it passed over quickly without epic results. Our son-in-law did break his foot while playing tennis and went to the ER for an Xray and some nice crutches.

But, as usual, the real fear factor always comes from something totally unexpected. In our case it was a hair-cutting party engineered by a three year old!  Two of her 5 year-old cousins with long beautiful hair are going to require some serious damage controll. And according to Lucy, her treasured Belle who previously had gorgeous long red curls, will always look like a boy!


Now that’s the real Fear Factor!


  1. Justin Cracroft

    Such a fun read! LOVED the photos with those priceless facial expressions. Glad to hear there were no motorcycle collisions to speak of (I can’t believe how far back that takes me–20 years already!). Good times at East Bear Lake Sands!! 🙂

  2. Patty

    love the article. It gives me a great idea for doing the same thing at my upcoming reunion. May I ask what the prizes were? I need ideas, and they must have been pretty good prizes to get these kids to eat the things they did!

    • Linda and Richard Eyre

      Hi Patty,
      Our son and his wife said they just got goofy prizes at the Dollar Store. The kids got a prize for every round they completed. I think think the grand prize was $20. Next year they are planning more elaborate prizes but you would be amazed at what a six year old will do for a Pez!

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