On Kids Passing You Up!

Following up on the last post, I thought it only fair that I include the daughter that we visited this week….a little closer to home. Our oldest child, Saren is the only one of nine who lives close enough to visit frequently. Although she has spent part of her life in Boston, California and St. George, she has recently moved to Ogden with her terrific husband Jared and their five adorable kids to whom she gave birth in five years!

Going along with the theme of the previous post about not being able to guess what our children, our little seedlings, will become…as a child Saren was the boss of the house by the time she was three. However, we were told by her pre-school teacher that she never spoke to anyone in class. She was very shy and kept to herself. After becoming alarmed the teacher disclosed that there were 19 boys in her class….and her.

Saren survived that class with flying colors, and went on to graduate from East High School (as did all of our children) and attend Wellesley College, an all-women very fine liberal arts college near Boston. From there she went on to get her Master’s Degree in Education at Harvard. We probably should have guessed when she was struggling with all those boys in her nursery school class and though she certainly grew to appreciate men, her leadership “nitch” was with women. She has been become an extraordinary leader of women….mothers to be exact!

Saren has always had a gift for looking over a difficult situation, assessing what is needed and figuring out a solution with great judgement and wisdom.

The interesting things is that, having been the oldest child in our family, she had many years to really soak in all the often crazy methods that we used with our kids. Some she didn’t realized were “methods” until she had children of her own. Adding her own good ideas to raise children, her ability to rally Mothers, to help them take care of “the person inside the mom” and give them the inspiration to be deliberate about their careers as mothers by developing important family systems has astounded us! She has been able to gather thousands of other Mothers to a website that she has established with her co-visionary mother April Perry, called Power of Moms. You can access the website here and her family blog here.

Exceptional mothers who are also great writers, photographers, thinkers and workers have flowed in to help and Motherhood Retreats sponsored by Power of Moms are held regularly across the county as well as next week in Australia. Many of you may have read Saren’s posts along with two other stellar moms who are manning the Motherhood Matters blog for the Deseret News.

I am not saying these things to brag (because Saren came who she is) but only to explain what a joyful thing it is when you see your children “take the baton” and pass you up! How blessed we are to have this remarkable person in our family…and to be able to go out to lunch with her on a regular basis. Here she is yesterday, sitting across the table from me at our favorite sushi restaurant called the Tona Sushi Bar in Ogden. It was so fun to catch up and feel her strong, capable spirit! After many miserable days in nursery school, it so fun to see her fly…higher.

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