Celebrating New Beginnings Despite the Disruptions

Happy 2012! We have been thinking a lot about “New Beginnings” as this exciting new year has rolled in! Mostly because there is not a more poignant new beginning than giving birth and we have been intimately involved with the births of two new angelic grandchildren in the past month.

Even though I (Linda) have given birth to nine of our own children it is stunning to realize how much we forget about the total sacrifices involved in bringing a child into the world. Only mothers who have been there can appreciate what it takes to give birth to a 9lb. 8 oz. baby with his arm stretched out above his head aka Superman. Nor can anyone who hasn’t done it appreciate having an 8 lb. 6 oz. first child at a birthing center at age 38!

We are fans of Clayton Christensen’s book ” Disrupting Class” partly because of his clear-thinking ideas to improve our educational system, but we especially like the name. As we have observed the families of these two families and reflect on our own experience, we have realized that the entry of a new child is not only a great joy but also a stunning disruption. Having a new child could appropriately be called “Disrupting Life”. Everything changes. Everybody’s position in the family constellation changes. It is a marathon “New Beginning”!

Having said that, we all know the great good that comes from courageous, dedicated parents who continue to bring children into this scary, unpredictable yet wonderful world. Hooray for those who are still willing to disrupt their lives, to sacrifice what is needed, to be willing to face the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to raise strong, confident children who will, in the end, make the world a better place!

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