The Power of One in Lehi

On November 20th the city of Lehi launched the 11th annual Lehi Family Week. Hats off to the Lehi Family Week Committee for planning and organizing a fabulous week that is a reminder of the importance of the family! The Lehi High School gymnasium was filled with parents and children, teenagers and civic leaders. It was incredible!

As we walked into the high school gym we were filled with the beautiful sounds from The Vivaldi Quartet. At first we thought it was a recording but it turned out to be four very talented musicians playing string quartet music that, as a string major, I had played in college. The catch was that they were twelve years old! And the really astounding thing was that they had been playing together for three years. Go figure. They started playing together when they were nine!

Three outstanding families were honored as “Lehi Families of the Year”. Though the other families had already left, we caught up with this cute family who has contributed so much to the community.

A video of Lehi City and their family activities from the past year was shown and a beautiful choir composed of 200 middle and high school kids sang in a youth choir. Their music (one selection was original words and music) was all about family and was magnificently moving. We were privileged to be the keynote speakers so we got to stand right in the middle of these great kids at the end although finding us feels like “Where’s Waldo”!

The most amazing thing to us that night was the event organizer. You have probably met a person here and there with dynamite in their blood and the Event Chairman this year was certainly one of them. Heather Miller, wife, mother and born shepherd of good causes was the force behind this extraordinary week of family activities. How many young people from ages 13-18 would take time out of their school and extracurricular activities for practices weeks in advance for a program on the family? Somehow, Heather, along with a terrific conductor and pianist “rounded them up and moved them out.” Her attention to detail was astounding and her ability to rally others to a good cause was inspiring!

Interestingly, great organizers are also great mothers! Below is Heather (second from the right) with her darling daughters. All these sisters are accomplished in their own right. You can see it in their faces.The cute daughter with the crown just won the Miss Lehi Outstanding Teen contest.

Until now, we had thought of Lehi mostly as a road construction zone. Now we know that it is a construction zone for strong families! It was such a pleasure to see what a difference one person can make as they motivate others for good. There are a lot of days when I think I could use a little dynamite infusion in my blood! Hoorah for Lehi and especially Heather Miller.

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