Hidden gift preserves our heritage!

Many years ago Dixie Schoenhals Stoddard’s daughter wanted a painting that was beyond the family’s budget. “I think I could paint that myself,” Dixie said. After a trip to the art store to get supplies, she put her brush to art paper and to everyone’s amazement, including Dixie….it worked. The painting was an exact replica of the original. After that she started reading books about how to paint with watercolors and about 10,000 hours of painting later, Dixie has created gorgeous paintings in watercolor beyond her ability to count. She has become a fabulous art teacher and has encouraged countless others (including me) to discover their own gifts with watercolors.

One of her most extensive projects has been painting almost every building at This is the Place Heritage Park. Her captivating and delightful paintings of the charm of the place where dedicated Utah historians have gathered not only buildings but the true feeling of our pioneer heritage are now on display in the upstairs of the Visitor’s Center. My little point and shoot camera doesn’t really do justice to the delightful paintings but you’ll get the idea.

It’s worth the trip to this wonderful historic place just to see the paintings but you won’t be sorry if you take the time to experience the tour of the Heritage Park, a unique treasure of Utah history and heritage.

Dixie and her delightful painting of Brigham Young’s home:

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