Grammie Camp

Every summer after our four-day official family reunion is over I (Linda) get to have some serious fun with our grandchildren. Because we have 21 of them (with two more on the way) we have divided the kids over the age of five into groups according to their age and in some cases according to gender. This year I had three groups: Six kids eight and older, three girls six and older, five boys five and older. Our fun time together is called Grammie Camp and I take these groups for an afternoon, evening, overnight and breakfast.

Because I come from farm stock on both sides of my family for many generations, we start with work! There are always a multitude of weeds to pull at Bear Lake so we make the work a game. The kids call it “picking weeds” which my parents would find very funny. For every weed they get a penny. After about an hour of work they can earn enough money to buy about $3 worth of stuff at the dollar store in Montpelier, Idaho (where I was born and raised). Watching the little kids pick our their treasures at the dollar store with their hard earned money is one of my favorite things. Depending on the year, the older kids pull weeds in return for their tickets to the melodrama at the Pickleville Playhouse in Garden City.

In addition we have a Grammie Camp song and scripture that they all know or learn as they “come of age”. I don’t know when I’ve had more fun with kids. There’s always a glitch which turns out to be serenedipty. This year I drove to Logan with four little boys to pick up the fifth little guy from his parents. I would give anything to have recorded the hysterical conversation amongst those five boys that occurred in the car during our trip.

We always take a trip to the Bloomington Cemetery where my parents and many ancestors are buried. It is fun to discuss their lives with the kids and give prizes for finding the graves and telling something about their lives.

There’s always fun involved too. This year the older kids and I went to the Paris ice caves and had a fun adventure with a lost flip flop. There’s always something huh?

Here’s are a few glimpses of this year’s fun Grammie Camps:

Enjoying Ice Cream at the Dairy in Logan

Weeding at Bear Lake (our best worker was on a bathroom break).

Ready to work

Getting acquainted with ancestors at the cemetery

The Paris Ice Cave

The traditional “Flour Game” at midnight

Because only one family lives close enough to come home for Sunday dinner during the year, I treasure these fun events. When you get kids away from their parents and interacting with cousins, you really get a look inside their personalities. It’s one of my favorite events of the year!

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