Poetry and Bear Lake

Interestingly Richard’s mother Ruth’s oldest sister May Swenson is a world-renowned poet. You may not know about her because poetry doesn’t really sell very well, but her mind is magic. It can create images in our brains that delight, stimulate and fill us with wonder. Two weeks ago a lovely commemorative marker was placed at the Bear Lake overlook as one travels from Logan to Bear Lake that honors Mae’s amazing poetry. The poem that is posted was written when she was hiking at the summit above Bear Lake, exactly where the reader stands. It deliciously describes what she saw and felt and heard.

When we arrived, the sun was brilliant behind us and I it was very difficult to get a picture without a shadow. I’m hoping you can read this even though it was photographed at an interesting angle:

We were thrilled to see that the lake, as we read her poem fit her description to a T! The picture below is actually what we saw as we read…”.Sky and lake the same blue, and languid mountain between them. Cloud fluffs make the scene flow…

The creators of the display actually included a picture of the olive-sided Flycatcher, the delightful description of which concludes the poem.

On your next drive to Bear Lake through Logan Canyon stop for a little inspiration at the site and enjoy the splendor of not only the scenery but the marvelous poetical mind of Mae Swenson. For more information about this amazing poet and her creative poetry click here .

We feel so lucky to be related! Many of our children are great writers and we keep thinking that at least one might be bequeathed with “the poetry gene” and begin pumping out poetry like a prodigy. They do write wonderful poems to us on fathers day and mothers day!

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