Memorial Day blizzard?

What you can’t tell from these pictures is that on this Memorial Day, May 30, we woke up in Park City to a true blizzard! The wind is howling and the snow is swirling and it looks and sounds like a snow storm in the Yukon on January 15th. It’s beautiful….but in May? Really?

So what in the world is good about this?

1. Even though it has been a tradition for many years to put flowers on the graves of our loved ones at the Bear Lake and Logan cemeteries, it’s good that we aren’t wandering around there freezing to death this year. We’re pretty sure our family members will forgive us. Well maybe not Grandma Elizabeth who lost five children, walked a thousand miles across the plains pregnant and was left by her husband for the “second wife”. She could probably think of harder things.

2. Bear Lake is going to be filling up to the brim this year! No more dragging our food and umbrellas down through the deep, hot sand to the water while we’re there with our crowds in July.

3. The farmers won’t have to fight for water for their crops. The harvest should be spectacular this year…unless it freezes or a tornado carries it all away, which is of course, possible.

4. We probably won’t have to worry about water rationing for our lawns this summer, although it’s always good to be green!

5. We may not see this again until next September….well maybe late August.

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