100 Mothers Sharpen Their Saws!

Last month we had the opportunity to host a hundred wonderful Mothers in our home for a Power of Moms Retreat. These are wonderful women who, like all of us parents, never received “A Mother’s Instruction Manual” when they were handed their pink or blue bundles in the hospital. They were anxious to improve their skills as Mothers. We had an extraordinary experience learning together.

Last weekend another hundred deliberate mothers gathered at our home to “sharpen their saws”. What fun we had thinking, planning and being inspired to be better at the world’s most important career… Motherhood! Through the incredible outreach of the Internet and their website at PowerofMoms.com, our oldest daughter Saren Loosli and her terrific partner April Perry drew these moms together to learn how to be better at their work. Interestingly, every career includes job training….except the career of Mothering.

On Friday about fifty mothers gathered for the afternoon to be instructed by the “guru of organization” and co-founder April. She did a session called Mind Organization for Moms which was soaked in like sunshine after a long, cold and dark winter. She is amazing in her abilities to teach mothers to organize their papers, they computer files and their homes in order to survive the inevitable. On Saturday all 100 mothers fit pretty nicely into the great room where Saren and April directed a program filled with great ideas…many of which came from the astute mothers in the audience.

Presenters DeAnne Flynn, a well-known author and speaker, Emi Edgley Utah’s Young Mother of the Year and Allyson Reynolds, an anchor writer of the Power of Moms website and popular speaker, all inspired the group with their stimulating ideas to be put into action. Saren allowed Richard and I to be part of the training on creating family systems and she did an amazing job of keeping her parents on task and of organizing and making things run smoothly as well as presenting great ideas herself. She’s quite a woman (no prejudice intended)!

During the lunch breaks the moms divided into eight groups and talked about their major mothering concerns in two different sessions:

At one point in the training a wild cowboy alias “Tex” (aka Richard) came galloping up on his horse and his giant ten gallon hat. The audience watched as he dismounted, tied the horse to the stone planter in the front of the house and ran into the great room to teach the group about the importance of experiencing serendipity in their lives. It was a fun surprise and an indelible image. Thanks to Emi who saved my flowers in the planter from being an afternoon snack for Duffy the horse until I came to the rescue! It was a fun surprise. In fact, I was so surprised that I forgot the camera. Shucks!

Our youngest daughter Charity on the left below was the event coordinator as well as adding her insights from some of the wacky things her parents did while she lived at home. It was so fun to see our oldest and youngest daughters (Saren is standing next to Charity) in action together. April is next to Saren and Allyson Reynolds is on the right.

Saren and April calculated from registration forms that the 100 mothers there represented 493 children. Babes in arms (and car seats) won’t remember being there that day but very possibly what their mothers learned will be with them as they grow up for a very long time. Warm congratulations to Saren and April! After spending about 30 hours a week for the past two years, this idea whose time has come is really taking off! Ah the good that comes from the Power of Moms!

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