Eighty Years of Elegance!

You might think that 80 sounds old but not in the case of Beverly Campbell! This week we attended a spectacular birthday party for her at the JSMB. Beverly is one of the most amazing women who has ever walked the earth….and we mean she has walked almost every corner of the earth! She has been a wonderful friend and heroine of ours since we first met when we lived in Washington D.C.

For twelve years Beverly was the director of International Affairs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Just to give you a little insight to her fame both within the church and worldwide, six of the twelve Apostles of the Church came to the party and if you asked how many ambassadors of the countries of the world she has been well acquainted with the answer would probably be in the hundreds! What a privilege it is to know her! She is a figure that is larger than life with connections to good people of influence all over the U.S. and across the world! She is a magnificent author, a master of persuasion and has a gift for knowing how to get things done! Talk about a world of good! We even want to line up her grandson with our daughter!

Her dear friend Ariel Bybee McBaine of Metropolitan Opera fame entertained us with selections that matched Beverly’s elegance perfectly! For Beverly eighty might just be the beginning!

Here she is….larger than life….Beverly Campbell. We have to admit her children and grandchildren had placed her on a chair that was somewhat of a “throne”! It’s a good place for her!

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