A Power of Moms Retreat for Deliberate Mothers

Last weekend was a dream come true! Thirty-five years ago when I was a very young mother struggling with four little children, I realized that Motherhood was infinitely harder and much more important than I had realized! As the years went by it became my goal to spread that word and to help moms to hone their most important career as mothers. Whether or not a mom has another career, everyone would probably agree that Motherhood is by far the most significant and long-lasting one. It requires among other things, thousands of hours of not only blood, sweat and tears (literally) but also searing soul-searching, perpetual praying, creative counseling, organizational wizardry and magnificent multi-tasking.

Over the years, first through our Homebase organization and then through our website at valuesparenting.com, we have occasionally sponsored one-day Home-Career Seminars at hotels in the area. We knew that Mothers needed some “job training” since no instruction manual comes with those little bundles of joy when we bring them home from the hospital. “Sharpening ones saw” in the business of Motherhood is not only important but crucial. We need to be deliberate about our mothering with goals and dreams, ideas and plans of how to implement them.

Little did we know when Richard and I started our own journey of parenthood and sharing ideas with other parents that our own children would take our dream and make it better! Our oldest daughter Saren along with her partner April Perry have started a remarkable website for Mothers at PowerofMoms.com. They have gathered a remarkable following of outstanding mothers who want to be not only good but deliberate mothers who are working to take care of “the person inside the mom” even as they work hard to raise children who will hopefully be ready to contribute to the world with enthusiastic and confidence!. Last weekend Saren and April had a Power of Moms retreat at our home in Park City along with 100 other mothers who know the importance of their role as Mothers! It was exhilarating!

All three of our married daughters have “taken up the banner of motherhood” in their own way and came to help with the retreat. Shawni, our second daughter has a very popular refreshing blog for mothers at www.71toes.blogspot.com. Our third daughter Saydi does her part to spread the joys of motherhood through her thought-provoking blog at www.BostonShumways.blogspot.com. Not to be left out, our youngest daughter Charity who is not yet married, did a great job as the event manager. She is a mother in-the-making as she shows her enthusiasm for life at www.drippingiwthpassion.blogspot.com. Together we had so much fun over the weekend with 100 deliberate mothers! The pictures below show all of us sharpening our motherhood “saws”. In fact as April said, “Really working at our skills as mothers helps us not just survive but thrive in this most important career.”

April and Saren did an excellent job of organizing, instructing and presenting. April specialized in a program called “Mind Organization for Moms” on Friday and Saren along with her sisters concentrated on “Self Preservation” and “Family Systems” on Saturday. Because they couldn’t accommodate everyone who wanted to come to this event Saren and April have decided to hold a similar event on May 21st, again at our home. If you are interested you can register at powerofmoms.com. We’d love to see you there!

Incredible Mothers have shown up from all over the country to help! Here is the powerful and dynamic Power of Moms board:

Somehow we got 100 women into our “great room”. It was amazing to see so much Mother Power in one place!

Richard and I did a little presenting too, with the help of our newest grandchild Peter James Shumway (#21).

What a joy to share this experience with our daughters! Left to right: Saydi Shumway (Boston, MA), Saren Loosli (Ogden, UT) Happy Mom, Shawni Pothier (Gillbert, AZ), Charity Eyre (San Francisco, CA). Payday!

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