Hooray for Creativity in Manchester!

We are in England at the moment. Manchester to be exact. This usually isn’t a blog about design but we love good design and “eclectic” is one of our favorites. While waiting to give a speech tonight we are located in a completely refurbished primary school originally created in the mid 1800’s for children from ages 8-13. It has now become The Great John Street Hotel.

The creativity it takes to take something that is no longer used for its original purpose and create something useful, inspiring as well as lucrative is truly inspiring. The owner’s wife has had fabulous fun creating spaces, finding new dimensions and visiting flea markets to fill this place with wonderful things. We have always liked the saying, “We first create our houses and then our houses create us.” It feels the same when we are traveling. We love spending time where we are surrounded with vibrant color and comfortable creativity (especially when someone else is paying)!

This woman knows how to make guests comfortable!

That along with touches from the past make this a truly unique place to be inspired as you calculate new thoughts, new ideas and remember the importance of being creative!

See Richard below “creating” in this fun environment!

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