Medieval Times in Toronto

There are a lot of beautiful cities in the world and Toronto is one of them! The Royal Ontario Museum pictured below is a beautiful combination of the old and the new, both inside and out.

There is beauty all around, even in the rain and snow!

We are in Canada this week and have had the privilege of speaking to a terrific group of twenty parents and twenty four children who came here from upstate New York for a family retreat. What fun we had talking to them about how to make their families better. The kids liked learning a “secret family code” (for details for you own family see and click on “secret code” under Happy Family on the left) and how to make “decisions in advance”.

Along with a scavenger hunt at the museum for the kids we also went with this fun group to a wild event called “Medieval Times” where we saw people “knighted” by some very good actors who convinced us that they were royalty from medieval times. Everyone was “crowned” upon arrival.

Perhaps some of you have seen this in other large cities because apparently this is a franchise but we had never heard of it. In the course of the evening we entered an arena where we were served dinner on pewter plates which we ate with our hands. While we dined we were entertained with sword fights, medieval games and even a jousting match.

The most amazing part were the spectacular Andalusian horses. Richard, who is a “horse nut” was as thrilled as a little kid in a candy story.

I’m not sure that I would want to have lived in medieval times, but it sure was fun for an evening!

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