Most Mothers deserve to be the Mother of the Year!

As mentioned in our column this week, we had the pleasure of being in Arizona with our daughter Shawni who was just named the Arizona Young Mother of the Year by the Arizona chapter of American Mothers.

This was a special delight to me (Linda) because I was the Utah Young Mother of the Year more years ago than I can remember!

This organization also names a Mother of the Year (luckily they do not call her The Old Mother of the Year) which is an honor awarded to an outstanding Mother with many years of experience who along with the Young Mother will carry the torch of the importance of Motherhood for the coming year. Sadly that torch is growing dim in many parts of our society! What an important organization!

Shawni and her husband Dave have five beautiful children. The youngest, our darling Lucy, was diagnosed last year with a syndrome called Bardet-Biedl which is a rare genetic syndrome. In most cases this means that the child will lose their sight sometime between their 9th and 15th year. There are also issues that may involve extra digits (Lucy had a extra toe) obesity, kidney issues and heart problems. This family is dealing with Lucy’s issues like champions!

We are supporting research by the Foundation Fighting Blindness and hoping and praying that they will be able to save Lucy’s sight. It’s hard to imagine adorable four-year-old Lucy’s gorgeous blue eyes not being able to see! But life is full of challenges and this one is 24/7. To read more go to The I Love Lucy Project here.

Shawni is passionate about motherhood which is a delight to so many who follow her blog at In addition a two and a half minute vignette about how Shawni feels about motherhood has recently been posted on To view it click here.

When it comes to Motherhood though, we know mothers from all walks of life are silent heroines, working through their trials with integrity and honor. Even though only a few receive public recognition most deserve to be “Mothers (and Young Mothers) of the Year”.

Since we are thinking about Presidents this week I’m reminded of a favorite quote from our first-First Lady Martha Washington:

” The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions and not our circumstances.”

So it is with Motherhood!

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