Visit to Mexico City

Last week we had a delightful visit to Mexico City, the largest city in the world with 25 million inhabitants. We quickly realized that despite the horrendous drug wars going on in border towns and cities, there is also a world of good in Mexico!

Our hosts were a delightful couple on the right below. He is a thriving business owner and she is a fabulous gourmet cook. She prepared an incredible meal for us at their lovely home, just after she returned from a charity walk for breast cancer.

The couple on the left are also fascinating. He runs an enormous business and she along with her two sisters and their mother, a fashion diva run a hugely successful fashion show twice a year to raise money for children with cancer.

Our audience was a group of outstanding parents all trying their best to be better! Most were natives of Mexico and very proud of their heritage. We came at just the right moment because 2010 is the Bicentennial year commemoration 200 years of Independence from Spanish rule. In addition it has been 100 years since the revolution that toppled their last dictator.

Colorful and creative paper Mache’ characters from the victory parade which had taken place on their Independence Day still decorated the main boulevard

The city was full of amazing architecture, mouments and beautiful cathedrals!

Also fascinating was visiting two private schools. The facilities were beyond anything we have seen in the United States. Despite the sad stories we were told about friends and relatives who are being terrorized by the drug cartels in border areas of Mexico, we felt perfectly safe in Mexico City. All in all, it would be hard to find a more vibrant group of well-educated, beautiful parents who put their children first! Viva la Mexico!

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