What Work Does for Kids

Mother’s Day has come and gone for another year and for mothers of young children, it’s back to work to get the kids to work. Teaching kids how to work is one of the most valuable things our kids can learn. Every Mother’s Day my gratitude turns to the mothers in our family, our daughters and daughters-in-law who are tackling the hardest job known to mothers…getting kids to … Continue reading»

The Flight of the Butterflies Realized

This post will mean more to those who have seen the IMAX movie called Flight of the Butterflies presently playing all over the country including Salt Lake City. If you haven’t seen it we highly recommend it! Here is a description of the movie from the Internet: The monarch butterfly is a true marvel of nature. Weighing less than a penny, it makes one of the longest migrations on … Continue reading»

The Key to Success: Grit

Our son Talmadge is in the process of getting a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. He travels to Philadelphia from Manhattan where he lives one weekend a month for in-class instruction and accomplishes the rest online. This new field of study is revolutionary. In the past, much of the world of psychology has dealt with solutions for people with enormous problems and dysfunctional … Continue reading»

Our day in Nelson Mandela’s Neighborhood

As we joined the world in thinking about Nelson Mandella this past week, we were reminded of the rare opportunity we had In March, 2006 to visit Nelson Mandella’s neighborhood in Sweto, the famous township near Johanesburg, South Africa where Mandela grew up. What a fascinating, history the hometown of this great man holds! Here are a few scenes from our journey: Note the “amenities” of the surgery … Continue reading»

A hallelujah season of gratitude for Cami

As a follow-up on the last post here, we should take a moment at this season of gratitude to be thankful for heroic Cami’s life!  Here is a beautiful follow-up story done by Channel 2 after Cami’s donor’s blood arrived. After 23 days of slogging through the horrendous experience of waiting for Cami’s body to engraft with the new bone marrow that dripped into her body to save … Continue reading»

When we hear someone say, “I just had a baby,” or “I had a quadruple bypass,” or “I had a double mastectomy,” our first reaction is usually, “Wow, that’s amazing! I’m glad you’re OK.” But the real nitty gritty, sometimes horrendous details of what it takes to go through all those stressful, sometimes life-threatening events will never be known to anyone except those who have been there. And … Continue reading»

Lagoon with 12-year-olds?

It was the end of a horrifically hot day with a gaggle of grumpy, hungry, bedraggled, fighting, nasty little kids about thirty years ago when Richard and I promised each other that we would never set foot in Lagoon again!  Since then we have to admit that we have dropped off teenagers there for their school outings and have wondered about the new rides that pop up every … Continue reading»

Ideas for a Fun Family Reunion

Believe it or not, we have spent the past six weeks (which is the same amount of time since we have posted on this blog) almost non-stop preparing for, participating in and cleaning up after our annual family reunion, even though one of our couples did all the hard work of being in charge. Forty seven of us gathered together for a few precious, wild and raucous days … Continue reading»

Calm your soul with nature

We are back up at Bear Lake getting ready for the onslaught of 42 family members and a plethora of friends who will be showing up during the month of July. Although our days are filled with hard work, clearing mice from their “winter quarters” and pulling endless grass and weeds from the flower garders, repairing lawn chairs, and unending places to organize and clean, the evenings remind us of … Continue reading»


Our daughter Shawni, mother of five has had a particularly difficult week. Her youngest daughter Lucy has a rare syndrome called Bardet Biedel which means that her genetic make-up will not allow her eyes to receive enough protein and, unless science can intervene, she will be blind sometime between the ages of 9 and 15. She also lacks a hormone that tells her when she if full. Therefore … Continue reading»